Illamasqua brings dark seduction to the UK scene

A new brand with a new style has blown in on the winds of economic change. Brushing aside the vintage cute, the clinical minimalist and the edgy urban styles that currently populate the department store counters, Illamasqua draws on something much more timeless and dramatic – themes of sex, death, theatre, myth and fantasy. It’s not quite Goth, it’s not quite burlesque and it’s not quite special effects.

What it is without doubt is a beautiful range of high-quality cosmetics from a new UK brand bursting with character and innovation.

With the four doctrines of Bite (lips), Scratch (nails), Pierce (eyes) and Lure (face), Illamasqua creates a world of colour and texture to help you express “your alter ego”.

Illamasqua is currently being rolled out at counters across the UK, including Selfridges in Oxford Street and Manchester, and BTs in Dublin.

You can call your nearest counter to book an hour long makeup lesson or “Transformation” makeover at the hands of an Illamasqua artist. The cost is redeemable against products from the range. If you’re tempted to take a walk on the wild side and discover your inner desires, Illamasqua might be a good place to start exploring.


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