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Slap Happy has a new home…

From June 2009, Slap Happy now lives at Bookmark it!

I got so tired of this awful domain name that I cracked and bought some hosting and a nice, respectable-sounding URL. I also decided instead of a simple domain mapping redirect type of deal, I’d install wordpress and run the whole shebang off my own steam.

WordPress aren’t lying – the 5 minute install is perfectly possible. It was the theme-tweaking, FTP fiddling and photoshopping of a new logo that have kept me up all night. And it’s been great. I’ve done it all myself, and I haven’t even chipped my Illamasqua nail polish. God bless my inner (and not so inner) geek.

From June 2009, Slap Happy now lives at Bookmark it!


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Bargain of the day! Stila cheek colour £2.95

stila blush

Stila’s recent brush with death has led to a lot of bargains appearing online. It’s like when Pout went kaput, only with a happy ending. Aww. Whatever the story, the quality of the items is undisputed, so it’s definitely worth keeping your weather eye out for Stila treasure.

Today, BeautySpot Cosmetics have a limited number of Stila cheek colour pans on sale. They are being offered at the extraordinary price of £2.95 each. AND – if you buy 4 or more, you get a free silver 4-pan palette to house them in.

There are only a handful in stock, so get there quick to avoid disappointment!

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Illamasqua Selfridges gift set – a future collector’s piece?

centenary nail polish set

For Selfridges’ 100th anniversary, limited edition items in the signature yellow hue have been produced by everyone from Moleskine to Coca-Cola. As the newest and brightest addition to Selfridges’ Beauty Hall, it figures that Illamasqua would be joining the party. They have created a limited edition gift box containing both the black shade “Boosh”, and a centenary special edition yellow called “Self”.

It costs £25 – the same price as two nailpolishes from the regular line. Only 200 sets have been made. With Illamasqua’s reputation rapidly climbing, and the added prestige of the Selfridges’ connection, this is probably a wise investment for collectors.

However, I doubt if many people could manage to stop themselves from using the vivid yellow before it matured to collectible status!

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Slap Happy is on Twitter

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I just learned that Johnson and Johnson, who make my much-loved Aveeno body lotion (which I mentioned here in my Oatmeal Post), still test on animals.

Their US site issues a statement that they treat their animals as humanely as possible and test only to comply with FDA regulations for the testing of new ingredients. However I feel that there are plenty of non-new ingredients they could be using in their beauty products. That don’t need to be tested on animals.

I present to you a more expensive but also more ethical oaty alternative – Neal’s Yard Remedies Calendula and Oat lotion. I think this is the one I’ll be using in future.

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Fill your Boots! 17’s rebrand freebies

17 freebie

You may have seen my previous post about the Boots 17 rebrand. The high street favourite has been vamping up its look of late.

It’s also been having one of its wonderful spend-£5-get-a-gift promotions. These are run every few months, with generous gifts usually including at least one full size product. Not only are the promotions amazing value, the freebies often come in fantastic limited edition packaging. In the past they have tied in with designer collaborations like the Eley Kishimoto and Antoni and Allison collections.

The latest is something of a rush job in comparison to past gifts – it’s a wildlife-print box filled with pink tissue and containing 3 items from the 17 range – nail polish, lip gloss and loose power eyeshadow.


Each gift contains different, random shades of the three products, meaning that you can do this deal as many times as you like and still get new and different gifts each time.

Doesn’t take a genius to work out that this might have something to do with getting the stock from before the rebrand out of the way – all the items in the gift are in the old packaging.

Still, can’t look a gift horse in the mouth when you’re looking at a buy 2 get 3 free deal!

If you’re in store (you might be having a nose at the fanfared new Protect and Perfect Intense serum, for example), you could do worse than pick one of these deals up.

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A note on the bigger picture

A question niggles. Do I fly in the faces of my feminist foremothers by writing about girly facepaint?

Makeup is a girly pursuit. Maybe the girliest there is. It’s about pretty colours and packaging, and it’s about let’s pretend and make-believe. Sparkle and shimmer. It’s about having your own special box of magic tricks that transform you into someone else.

Someone with bigger eyes and more flawless skin and brighter softer lips – i.e. someone who fits very properly into the shackled and neutered sexist horror-show that culminates in crap like “Mow The Lawn” (which incidentally has now caused Wilkinson Sword products to be banned from my bathroom).

Wait though, no. I come from enlightened liberal stock, don’t it? My radar is well-tuned to the plight of the downtrodden and the throb of the bleeding heart. I’ve read my “Female Eunuch” and “Our Bodies Ourselves”. I know that shaving my legs (plucking my eyebrows, concealing my pustules and indeed wearing a bra rather than burning it) is a matter of choice. I have a relationship with a man whose appreciation doesn’t fluctuate if they (the legs) are shaved or not and I know that’s the way it should be.

Does that mean I can’t appreciate the lure of a beautifully packaged palette of eyeshadows, and the escapist glamour of a new colour collection? Is this some Girl Power hypocrisy, a vacuous denial of everything that went before?

I know it’s make-believe. I know it’s just a game, dressing up, making pretty fantasy out of the kind of reality that hasn’t eaten or slept as well as she should have and is looking a little jowly there after too many takeaways maybe.

I know it’s not ME. I know it’s not who I am. I know it comes off with cotton wool and cold cream. It’s a hobby, not a measure of self-worth. If it’s a mask, it’s a temporary masquerade – and the real face behind it is no secret, and has nothing to hide.

Just so you know who you’re talking to here.

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