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I just learned that Johnson and Johnson, who make my much-loved Aveeno body lotion (which I mentioned here in my Oatmeal Post), still test on animals.

Their US site issues a statement that they treat their animals as humanely as possible and test only to comply with FDA regulations for the testing of new ingredients. However I feel that there are plenty of non-new ingredients they could be using in their beauty products. That don’t need to be tested on animals.

I present to you a more expensive but also more ethical oaty alternative – Neal’s Yard Remedies Calendula and Oat lotion. I think this is the one I’ll be using in future.


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Mmm, oatmeal!


A great product for dry skin should be moisturising, but not too oily. It should soften the skin but not smother it.

I’ve had real trouble finding a product that delivered the right level of skin-nurturing without turning my bod into an uncomfortable oil-slick.

*drumroll*… Until now!

The value of oatmeal was first revealed to me when I started using Lush’s Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt. it’s a solid chunk of oatmeal and shea butter (among a cornucopia of other fragrant Lush-typical naturals) that slowly melts in the bath, releasing beautiful scent and turning the water into a softening milky soup of dematological joy. It comes wrapped in a muslin cloth that by the end of your bath has become, well, a bag of porage.

You rub this over your skin for mild exfoliation and extra moisture – the oats themselves release a smooth, proteiny substance that sits on the skin and reinforces the moisturising effect of the bathe.

Noticing how much nicer my skin felt after one of these, I began to use Aveeno body lotion – a very reasonably priced high street line with colloidal oatmeal as the active ingredient. It’s the non-sticky, effective body lotion I’d been looking for, and so much the better for costing less than £5 per tube!

It’s early days, but I’m already feeling much more confident in revealing my erstwhile flaky bits come summer thanks to the two products above. Less confident about the weather, but hey, can’t have everything, right?

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